Thursday, November 19, 2009

Traveling Thursday Two

The flight from Rochester to JFK was not terrible. There ended up being 2 toddlers, 2 infants and 14 teenagers. The crying infant #1 sat behind me but my music drowned out the wailing. I did overhear the mother remark to another passenger that they were traveling 12 hours to see Daddy for Thanksgiving. The crying became tolerable after hearing that.

One of the toddlers sat kiddy corner to me and I watched him eat the lose threads off his shirt sleeve. He bit them off, chewed them up and swallowed and no, I did not tell his Mom.

We were late arriving to JFK and I had to run to my next gate. They had already boarded but I made it.

I boarded the plane and used the teeny tiny bathroom. Despite all my efforts to crouch above the seat I still almost fell, ended up grabbing the seat and peed on myself instead.

But. I made my flight. Arrived in Richmond early and am waiting for Bobbi.

Till tomorrow.


PolishPrince said...

I should re-post my comments from Tuesday's Titbits...referring to Kerri's Krazy trips...I love my funny hunny!

Kristen said...

ewww...I shall call you Kerri pee-pants from now on!! Heehee :)

I can just see you running through the make me laugh!

Glad you made it on time and hope you are having fun! Be safe, be good, I love you.

erica said...

lol.. peeing on yourself shoulda beena "not me monday".. lol.. too funny..