Friday, December 18, 2009


Last year for Christmas we Santa gave Jacek a really nifty gift.

A digital little tikes camera.  In a span of almost an entire year 

we've replaced the batteries in it twice.

To date Jacek and miscellaneous others have taken a whopping 347


We've uploaded those pictures a big fat ZERO times....


today.  I finally broke down under the pressure of it being almost an 

entire year, searched and searched for the USB cord, and finally

connected the camera to my laptop and viewed the pictures.

At picture 132 Jacek said "I'm all done looking at these pictures

This same boy who hounded his mother at different times through 

out the year to show him his pictures on my computer grows tired 

and bored at picture 132.  Good thing he's 3 1/2 or I would have

had a thing or two to say about that!  Geesh!

I viewed them all.  Many are dark, most are very blurry.

These are the best out of the 347 pictures. 

I post them for your viewing pleasure.  

 This one...made the entire process 
totally worth it.  I just love those lips.

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