Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Date Night Before Christmas

Is not much of a date night.  My feet hurt like hellMy tummy is upset because Darren had a case of road rage and got my nerves all acting crazy.

We shopped for almost 4 hours and still have a few things left to get, only a few but I had hoped that everything would be done tonight.

We got out of the house alone for a few hours.  We had a really good dinner and some good conversation.

I only wish the balance in our checking account was the same as it was before we left the house at 5.

It's amazing what 4 hours and 10 stores can do to a checking account.

Now Darren and I know that the gifts are not what make Christmas.  We enjoyed our time together tonight more then any present bought, but we do enjoy buying for our boys, our families and our friends.  It just feels right even if it's not what makes Christmas.

 A date night before Christmas isn't much of a date but it was worth every penny.

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PolishPrince said...

A most excellent date night, 90% of it covering the dinner, drinks, &