Monday, December 28, 2009

My Life List

It's almost the beginning of a new year.  A new year to strive to be my best, to do things I've always dreamed of, to live life to the fullest, not sweat the small stuff and to love like I won't be here tomorrow.
I've been updating my life list.  Do you have one?  It's an amazing tool that keeps me focused on the things I dream of.  It's so easy to forget, overlook and discard things I hope to do, see, and be.   With a life list I always have something to refer to, to see how far I've come and to be reminded that my life is Mine.
I highly recommend making a life list if you don't already have one.  It's a great way to gain perspective, inspiration and direction.

My Life List
Kerri Kwiatkowski
Created October 2007

  1. Have another child (August 12, 2008)
  2. Learn to play the piano, well
  3. Learn to play my violin
  4. Write a short story or stories
  5. See something I have written, published
  6. Take some photographs, enlarge them and hang them in our home
  7. See the Grand Canyon - take a helicopter ride over it
  8. Visit Hawaii
  9. Visit Alaska
  10. Learn how to shoot a hand gun; nail a bulls-eye
  11. Go to Disneyworld with my family
  12. Renew my marriage vows to Darren with my children present
  13. Kiss my husband in the rain; more then once
  14. Create a recipe that wins a prize
  15. Plant beautiful flower gardens
  16. Learn how to change a tire
  17. Learn how to cook on the grill
  18. Take a second honeymoon
  19. Attend at least one major sporting event
  20. Go to a talk show and be an audience member
  21. Plant a tree
  22. Plant rose bushes in our yard
  23. Make a personal mission statement; live by it
  24. Get passionate about a cause; support it
  25. Drive a convertible along the California coast
  26. Accept myself
  27. Go to Vegas
  28. Get in shape; remain active for my children
  29. Experiment with paint and canvas
  30. Stay debt free; no high balances on credit cards
  31. Spend New Years Eve in an exotic location
  32. Invest money; DO NOT TOUCH IT
  33. Get a passport
  34. Volunteer
  35. Develop a regular, series, meditation routine
  36. Take a scenic overnight train ride
  37. Develop a habit of gratitude – no complaining for 21 consecutive days
  38. Make a date day/night with each of my sons, once a month
  39. Take a trip with my Mom
  40. Take a trip with my sisters
  41. Write a children’s book
  42. If I have a daughter, volunteer as a leader for girl scouts should my daughter join
  43. Go on actual family vacations, if not once a year, once every two years
  44. Take a child CPR class
  45. Buy a pool
  46. Develop an interest in wine  Fall 2008
  47. Meet and become friends with other Moms Spring 2009
  48. Visit Montana with my husband to support his dream to live there someday
  49. Write a living will

  50. Add some fur babies to our family January and May 2009
  51. Show my parents more respect
  52. Strengthen my relationship with Darren’s Mom
  53. Blog for 30 consecutive days November 2009
  54. Run a 5k  August 8, 2009
  55. Run a 10k
  56. Rent a house or cabin and go on vacation with friends (who also have kids)
  57. Get my sun Tattoo August 3, 2009
  58. Get tattoo work done on left arm
  59. Take my boys to see the ocean
  60. Once the boys are grown - rent a condo or an apartment in a booming city - where Darren and I can walk to everything and enjoy city life since we pretty much only know country life
  61. Learn to swing dance
  62. Get 50 people to follow my blog March 5, 2010
  63. See Riverdance
  64. Get season tickets to R.P.O (Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra)
  65. Go on a ghost hunt
  66. Own a "spiffy" golf cart
  67. Win a photography contest
  68. Visit and tour Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater house in PA (


MomWheeler said...

Kerri...Your Life List Is Amazing...Never Lose Sight Of Your Goals And Dreams! I Have One Request...When You And I Take Our Trip Together...Can I Drive The Convertible Along The California Coast?

Kerri said...

Is that where we're going? Sounds like a plan to me. I'm ready to start making plans if you are!! Let's get 'er done!
Love ya Mom.

MomWheeler said...

What An Awesome Dream Hon...Could We Make It Come True? It Would Be Unbelievable If We Could! We Need To Get Together And Have A "Talk"...Big Plans In The Near Future? Love You Too...

MomWheeler said...
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