Saturday, January 9, 2010

Pep Talk

I spent the day wrapped up in our finances and am burnt out.  I think the same thing happens every year.  We start with good intentions, with new focus and steadfast determination.  Yet every January when I say I'm reassessing our finances I really just copy over the same budget which we stray from so defiantly year after year.

I know we don't mean to but we've begun to make the same mistakes.  It happens.

We also have a bunch of the same things on our to do lists AGAIN.  We have a few projects that got re-added because they still haven't been completed.

Although change happens all around us not everything is different.

Not every task is met with resolution.  Not every old habit can be broken the first time we vow to break it.

But each time we begin again we promise ourselves

that we'll


One of the easiest rules in our family to follow and the most currently reinforced:





PolishPrince said...

Although some of those projects get re-added...other ones ARE being accomplished. Just not necessarily in the order they maybe should be..;)

Christie said...

You do what you can do when you can do I sit and stare at our unfinished molding, open beam, kitchen, dinning room...etc... :)