Saturday, January 16, 2010

Rindie used to have 16# pound balls....

Jacek had so much fun tonight.  I've learned I am learning that his initial anxiousness and shyness when first walking into a room filled with people, family or not, tends to fade faster when I don't try to make him "get over it".  He's a lot like me that way.  I have to find my sense of comfortable, assess the people around me, find my stance and slowly but surely the walls come down and I'll relax.  If you push me it'll only back fire on you.  Yes, that's right: "it'll back fire on  you".  What that screaming, crying, whining, crocodile tears back fire on YOU. 


He relaxed.

he bowled

he danced.
Oh yeah, he danced.  Have I mentioned we ROCK the house?

and then he bowled some more.

I also had fun tonight.  It was nice to get away with just Darren and Jacek.  Not to discredit our time with Aidan but time alone with Jacek is really nice.  He holds such a warm conversation and asks questions that make me think, ponder and proud.

I loved on Jacek

and I bowled

and I sang and I danced with Jacek.
Have I mentioned that we ROCK the house?
Okay, okay...geesh!

Are you thinking the same word I am?

I missed my little goober butt while we were out tonight.

but throughoughly enjoyed my date with

my husband and my munchkin man.

This post totally makes it seem like it was just the 3 of us HOWEVER we were at a birthday party!!  Here's a few pics of the fun.

Birthday boy Garrett, 3 - giving his Daddy a high 5?  low 5?.....some kind of 5...Garrett might like a five dollar 5.

Birthday girl Myleigh, 6, blowing out the candles on her awesome princess and the frog cake.

The kiddos having a blast.
It was a great birthday party.

Happy Birthday to Myleigh and Garrett.
We love you!

I am still processing the other events of the evening and will write about them at a later time. Today is about Myleigh and Garrett and the rest of the children.  Nothing more and nothing less.

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erica said...

awe.. how sweet.. love the pix, love the comments.. just love you all so much.. oh yeah, i absolutely LOVED did i mention LOVED (lol) the birthday cards that jacek made.. so impressive, you have every right to be a proud mama.. i was proud for you.. however, you didn't mention about mom's 16lb balls, so i'm sure you've got ppl wondering about that one.. lmao.. unless they know her.. teehehe.. as per the other events.. i'm soooo sorry i wasn't out there.. i've got your back no matter what.. i love you guys and i hope it doesn't deter you from coming around, we can stick together away from the drama causing people or person..;) we can start our own a hole of the family club i guess.. again, i love you guys and thank you so much for coming.. hugs and kisses to you all..
p.s. i'm ready for the next blog.. let all out..;)