Monday, February 1, 2010

Weekly Menu Monday

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Hi.  I am organized.  Nice to meet you.
Being organized is a huge part of who I am.

To quote Candace upon looking at my budget/to do/bills notebook 
(yes 3 ring binder here folks)
"I thought I was organized but this is Crazy."

She didn't mean it in a bad way.  She said she didn't anyways.  HAHA.  Yes. That's not the first time I've been called crazy or looked at like I'm a little bit off.  Call me what you want, I call myself Organized and 

When I worked a normal desk job I absolutely hated leaving anything on the desk itself.  Everything had its place.  On Fridays I would clear every last piece of paper off so that I could enjoy the weekend knowing my desk was neat and tidy.  Mondays would begin that way.  Nice and organized.  For the record though, no amount of organization helps beat the Monday Blues but I like to believe it at least helped.

I admit my mind is full of klutter but my everyday life is pretty well organized.  Well, as organized as it can be with two young boys and a husband to look after.  That doesn't mean things don't get piled up around here but when it comes down to cleaning things up eventually.....everything has a home.

Yes, I have a weekly menu. I know what I'll be making today through Sunday and all the ingredients are in the house already.  Honestly, I already planned for the following weeks Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday but planning to far out sometimes has a higher failure rate.  I normally stick to about a 7 day menu.  
No one wants to feel like a failure, am I right?

So, here's my weekly menu. 

Monday 1: Chicken, Cheese and Apple Quesadillas with Apple Butter AND Cheddar Cheese Soup (totally kid friendly and delicious)
Tuesday 2: Tender and Tangy Boneless Slow Cooker Ribs over white Rice
Wednesday 3: Tacos - YUM
Thursday 4: Slow Cooker Chicken Breasts (with Chicken Gravy)
Friday 5: Pizza (using a pizza kit purchased from Walmart - saves so much money!!)
Saturday 6: Pasta
Sunday7: Slow Cooker Whole Chicken

What a delicious week of meals to look forward to.  Let me know if any of the meals sound good enough to share.  I will happily.

Happy Weekly Menu Monday.  
May you have a week of stress free yummy meals to look forward to 
or just take my menu and call it your own!



Kristen said...

Sounds yummy!! What time do we eat??

Candace said...

Okay...I did say you were crazy, but it was MOST CERTAINLY in a good way. I love organization. I have always been given props for my organization. I take after my Dad. As of late, I've been quite disorganized. But I'm getting back on track little by little. And I must tell you that I have taken note of your binder and guess what? I now have a three ring binder with my weekly menu (Yes, I do have my menu planned out for the next seven days as well! And it's written down. And the recipes are in the binder!), my shopping list, my budget, and my bills. I'm still tweaking it, but it's working out well so far! Thanks KERRI!!!! :)

Honey B. said...

I am SO impressed by the menu. So impressed! I love organization and being planned out, but never have been able to pull off a menu for the week!

Kerri said...

@ Kristen - Dinner is normally on the table by can stop over any time...just call or text first so I can LOCK the door.

@ Candace - ;o) HAHA. So would we be called Two Crazy Peas in a Pod? I like it, pretty dang catchy!

@ Honey B - it really does take a lot of stress out of an already pretty hectic week. Give it a try! Let me know how it goes.

erica said...

whenever i try and plan a menu, it never works out.. it's a tad bit harder when you've got two sets of adults in the house. some times chet will bring home dinner, or plans will change.. a monkey wrench always gets thrown in somewhere..
oh yeah, any chicken recipes you want to share, i'm game.. i LOVE chicken and make it all the time, but then i catch flack for making the same thing.. blah blah blah.. i've been trying new recipes and could always use more.. so anything you'd like to share, i'd like to try..;)

Auntie M said...

Wow, I'm impressed big time. LOL
I used to wish so hard for a life where I could plan ahead,for instance, meatloaf on Wed. laundry on Monday, etc. But with a traveling husband, active sons, a huge dog and volunteer work and a job, just never made it work. But I so admire you for having done it so well. A lesson for all us "wanna-bees". Love and hugs.

PS I also admit I probably needed organization more than anyone. LOL

debbie hoffman said...

Oh letting me know what is for supper not a good idea. You just might have a knock at the door one night!!! But everything sounds so good don't know what night to pick!

PolishPrince said...

Awww!...Now I won't be surprised when I get home each night...grrr...hmmm, I'm hungry!