Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Will you be my friend? Circle Yes or No.

You know how in "chick flicks" there's a focus on how girls are so girlie?  They show the girls hanging out with their girlfriends and getting their nails done, gossiping, talking on the phone for hours, shopping, drinking fancy wine, and sunbathing.  

Yeah.  I've never been able to relate.

I don't know if I would say I've shied away from it, avoided it, or just realize it's not who I am. 

I'm not knocking those girls/ladies/women here.  All's I'm saying is, that ain't me.

I don't feel comfortable engaging in conversation with women I don't know very, very well.  I feel pressure.  I get so nervous.  In the first few seconds of conversation my mind does such a whirlwind of things I can't even form a thought.  I wonder what they are thinking about me, what they are thinking of the clothes I'm wearing, my face, my everything.  It's exhausting. 

So, I gave it up for awhile.  I stopped trying to make new friends.

I've had and have girlfriends that I feel close with.  I've never been in with a group of lady friends though.  I don't know how it's even possible, for everyone to like everyone else.  In my experience an evening out with a group of different friends always ends up a drama filled horrific mess.  
Or just plain awkward.  
I'm not sure which is worse.

As I get older it's becoming easier to dismiss woman that I don't think are friend material for me (I totally sound like a dude) but at the same time it's becoming harder for me to give up trying to make things work out.  In a way I feel like my time is running out to make any form of a lasting relationship.  I feel a requirement or something to push the relationship on.

I am learning it only makes it that much more awkward.

I have hopes to be 70 years old, wearing a red hat and hanging out at lunch with my old broads.  Do they call each other broads?  Should I have any when I'm 70, I would call my girls, my broads.  Those that are my true friends would think it awesome to be called my broad...

Yo, you my broad?

When I was in high school I was labeled, you can figure out what label, because I had more guy friends then girls.   I think the girls just assumed I must be more concerned with getting a boyfriend then being a girl and doing girl things.  Back then, they called what I was a tomboy.  Does that term still exist?

Back then, I simply couldn't put into words the pressure I felt by girls my age.  It seemed there was a huge list of things I had to change about myself in order to be accepted.  I rather they consider me a lost cause then force myself to be somebody I just clearly wasn't.  After awhile my path just stopped crossing with the girls altogether.  I walked away from my high school days with a handful of girlfriends.  

I apparently still carry that apprehensiveness. 

Now I am a mom and I feel I NEED to be friends with the mothers of the children that Jacek or Aidan seem to like.

Where does this need come from?  Why do I put so much pressure on myself over this?

Why?  why?  why?

Even after I tell myself numerous times that there just isn't enough to build a relationship on, I will find myself thinking and racking my brain for a way to reach common ground.

I feel guilty.  I feel obligated.  

But.  Do they?

I tell myself that we should at least chat because our sons like one another or because she likes another of the Moms that I kind of like too.  It's ridiculous.  It really is.

I go round and round and round.  Then I wonder if they might be having these same crazy thoughts and worries.

It absolutely, without a doubt, drives me smuckin bonkers. 

Maybe tomorrow when I drop Jacek off at school I'll slip a folded piece of paper into the pocket of another Mom.

It will read:

Will you be my friend?  Circle Yes or No.

If you circle yes, please complete the attached 4 page questionnaire and I'll call you for a coffee/play date.  

If you circle no please don't be offended the next time I completely avoid the uncomfortable small talk outside the closed classroom doors.  I'd rather save my energy for playing with my son after school.

Ya know, to make things easier and much more clearly defined.
At least that way, we'll be on the same page.


The Girl Next Door Grows Up said...

I am like you. My best friends were guys. Girls were so petty.

I love your note!

Rindie K said...

I can so relate to this blog. I was a tomboy and all of my friends were guys and of course, my horse Pride. That was all I needed and the girls in school were so "clickish" and I hated it. I just wanted to be myself without all the frills. I never wore a dress to school after they changed the dress code, just my usual hip huggers, cowboy boots, belt and pocket t-shirt as I went to work on a horse farm right after school. The "girls" at school would turn their snooty noses at my wardrobe and I didn't give a hoot. I am who I am lol.

debbie hoffman said...

great blog I will be your old broad friend but sorry I will pass on the red hat. Oh what am I thinking I probably will be long gone when you are 70 the age difference or so old I won't know who I am let alone anyone else. Well keep up the great writing you always make me laugh and they say laughing is so good for you.
So keep up the great job.

Shell said...

Wow, can I relate to this! You'd laugh if you could read my post for tomorrow right now- as it is almost the same thing! I wrote it last week, I swear!

I'm NOT a VOLCANO! said...

Haha! I LOVE this blog and I am now following!

I totally relate to you. I think I'm uber feminine. I am a GIRL and I like it that way. But I am not a sunworshiper (No, i sit in my air conditioned house with the screen door open so I can see my kids swimming in the summer time) I rarely paint my nails, and I am called 'little sister' to more men than really belong to me. (A LOT more. I had few girlfriends growing up, and the ones I do- maybe 5 of them?- we are super close, and yeah, I actually DO call them my Broads!!!LOL)

I quit going to play dates a long time ago. I have only let my children have birthday parties with family and my close friends and their kids so far. Until they are old enough that their friends don't have to bring their parents, that's all they get. LOL.

You probably think I'm hard to get along with.

I'm not. I'm sociable. And I'm not a judge. However, I have only have so much energy, and I would rather put that energy into my children, and my 'real' friends, the people who are there, than the upkeep of kindergarten social life. You know???

Thanks for commenting on my blog. I have few pics of Scarlet sitting still- and her face is always twisted in mid sentance. She's my 2 year old. My oldest, who is almost 5, sticks her little smiling posed face into EVERY pic I take. LOL.

I'm NOT a VOLCANO! said...

ps - I'd love to grab your button, but it's not working!

Candace said...

I circle YES.