Thursday, March 11, 2010

Friday Fragments

Mind and life need to be freed from the "disorder of the unnecessary."

Today is my son's 4th birthday.  I've been interviewing him all week.  Click on his name, JACEK, to see what he has to say.

The designer of my new blog home sent me some of her ideas on Wednesday, one of which I absolutely love. I have viewed it hundreds of times since then.  I am so excited.  I think it looks amazing and it really captures who I am.  I can't wait to move in and invite everyone over for coffee. (Who's bringing the donuts?)

I shared something as a comment on someone's blog that I figure I should share with everyone here.  I have a cat who likes to follow me into the bathroom and sit on my lap while I'm on the toilet. I think this is strange.  I do not allow him to sit on my lap.  But if I don't then he just sits and stares at me.  I can't do my business while being stared at.  If I don't let him in the bathroom he sits outside and paws (knocks) at the door.  Seriously?!?  If it's not the kids it's the  cat.

There is an older gentleman (I'd say in his mid 50's) that runs (not because he's being chased) pretty religiously down my road if not every day at least every other.  I call him, "Inspiration". (No, obviously not to his face).  I wonder if he has ever seen me staring at him when he runs by.  I wonder if he has a name for me?  Maybe something like "crazy stalker in the green house." or maybe "the Mom who always seems to be screaming at her kids", Anyways...  No, seriously...he is partly the reason why I ran my 1st 5k last year.  This man inspires me to run.  Well, it's more a "If this man can run and not have a heart attack then so can I!"  But either way, it's inspiration right?

I think my tooth knows it's about to get its smuckin self yanked outta my face.  It's been gnawing at me something fierce the last few days.  I think it might put up so much fight that the dentist will have to put his foot on my face to help get better leverage with each pull. Yeah I'm pretty sure that's gonna leave a mark. Oh and me, oh yeah, totally excited about it.  The 25th of March COULD NOT come any faster.

I need to spread the word about my Comment-Love Letters Meme.  I'm taking this opportunity...totally shameless I know (because more people are apt to stop by today) to point it out to those who might not have heard of it yet (okay okay, that's like A LOT of people) but anyways...I'm trying to gain interest...shamelessly plugging myself...if you wanna...check it out...I've done it the past two Tuesdays. Take the weekend to get your first one together and then link up on Tuesday March 16th .  It's fun...the two I've done have been hilarious. And Melissa at Frugal Creativity linked up this past Tuesday to share hers.  It also was hilarious.  But don't take my word for it.... Check....'Em......Out......Yerself!

Okay..hopefully you didn't totally find that a disgusting misuse of Friday Fragments and you're still here with me and not off blogging about how rude some people can be.

Speaking of that...I went back to that Walmart...where I was viciously accused of "using fraudulent coupons" by that, THAT TROLL.  I looked all over for her.  She was no where to be seen (perhaps back under her moldy bridge somewhere?).  I got so excited by the prospect that she may not work there anymore but then I realized that that creates the possibility of her surprising me at another local establishment with her pleasantries.   I need to keep her in my sights.  At all times.  I hope she doesn't come to my door to take my census.  Be warned everyone....there's a possible Troll on the lose.

And with that...I Bid you Farewell....
and Happy Friday Fragmenting....
may you find yourself rid of the disorder of the unnecessary................................................


chris weigand said...

Too funny. Mostly enjoyed your stories except for a word or two that I thought might be unnecessary.

Matty said...

We have two curious cats here that sound similar to yours. They don't jump up while you're peeing, but they do rub up against your legs. And being a runner in my 50's, I resemble that "older guy". Ahem.

Kerri said...

@Chris - didn't mean to offend

@Matty - That older guy truly does inspire me - I think it's amazing and can only hope to be as healthy and fit in 20 years!

Melissa said...

LOL - After we had an unpleasant encounter with a supermarket cashier, we didn't see him for a few weeks. When he reappeared, we learned that he'd been PROMOTED to front end manager. Ugh. He's the one who said that chocolate milk isn't milk.

Thanks for the link! It was fun to put together the Comment-Love Letters post, and I hope more people join up!

Cat said...

Happy birthday Jacek!

Inspiration is inspiration.

Here's hoping the troll moved away or something.

Tracie said...

Happy birthday to your son.

I think your cat scares me! =)

Running.....I only run if I am being chased. That is my rule!

Happy Friday!

Meg said...

Happy Friday!
Yeah, slightly strange cat, but I'd still take a strange cat over any dog, any day, lol.
Okay, your troll story is hilarious. Maybe they put her somewhere useful, like the gun counter?

Unknown Mami said...

Your Comments Love Letters meme is brilliant.

I love that a stranger inspired you. It's nice to think that we can inspire each other without even being aware that we are a source of inspiration.

Mrs4444 said...

You could tell that guy he inspires you, but that might ruin it; too bad you can't send him an anonymous note.

Your cat is odd. Cooper sometimes stares at me when I'm on toilet. I think it's to get me back for not looking away sometimes when he's doing his business outside, haha.

As I type this, I can't help but feel a little worried about what it will be attached to in your post on Tuesday, haha!!