Monday, April 12, 2010

A Minute with Ian on Monday (Be warned, we're talking sex here)

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Last week was my first time linking up for
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and it was lots of fun so I'm doing it again!!

How old were you when you lost your virginity?
Wow.  Cut right to the chase why don't ya?  Oh me oh Momma reads this blog.  I was two years shy of 18.  For whatever reason, I feel better about writing that then the actual number.  I do think now I was a wee young BUT I loved him and we stayed together for 4 years.

Any good sex advice or tips?

If your significant other likes to watch porn (in moderation not like ALL THE TIME) put all your insecurities aside or whatever else you think you have against porn...and join him/her. (At least see how it is.  Call it the "No, thank you bite" and give it a try.)

Ever catch your parents or kids having sex?

Parents don't have sex...well not mine anyway....or at least I never was the wiser.  Where do babies come from again? The closest I came was seeing my Dad in his tighty whities or seeing my Mom smack his butt when he was doing the dishes.

My oldest boy is only 4.  The word sex doesn't exist yet but penis does.  He likes to say penis.

Ever been caught having sex?  
Caught how?  In a net?  Nope. In the restraints? Nope. Ha ha.  Never been caught.

Lights on or off when having sex?  
Is this really a priority?  When you have do it when you can do it...I have enough to worry about (are the kids REALLY asleep, are they gonna wake up and cry, are the dogs gonna start barking, do I have enough energy, etc.) and whether the lights are on or off is not one of them.

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blueviolet said...

You have a point about the lights thing...sometimes that's just plain beside the point! ;)

Ian said...

Such great answers. Hi Kerri's mom!

Aphrodite's Mortal Friend (ME) said...

So thought about doing this today- but alas, my husband would filp if had to read about my first time ;-) Yea, he does read my blog- GEESH!!

PolishPrince said...

I'm gonna catch you in a net!..;)

Brittney said...

in a net or in restraints BAHAHAHA!!! too funny!

Anne said...

LOL! Damn, I don't think I can do this one on my blog. No one wants to hear what I have to say on all of this ;) hee hee Good answers!!

erica said...

lmao.. LOVE the answers.. darren.. good luck with the net..=)
lights on or off? duh.. like you said, when you have kids, you do what you can when you can, if you have the energy to do it at all.. i'm with ya on that one..;)

Adrienne said...

it never fails the kiddo never gets to bed when it works for mom and dad ...

Daisygirl said...

haha, oh my I just peed my pants on some of your answers!
A little porn never hurt anyone! Oh crap this is going to end up in your weekly letter! ;)

MomWheeler said...

Kerri's Mom Says Ian Is A BAD BOY!

Jb said...

Wow! You're brave! Your mom reads this blog? So, what kind of reaction will these question/answers get? You should totally do a post on her reaction!

Anonymous said...

Fab answers! My son loves to son penis too! lol